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Melissa Junge and Sheara Krvaric co-founded Federal Education Group, PLLC (FEG) in 2009. FEG’s practice areas include all major federal K-12 education programs, including ESSA, IDEA, and Perkins, as well as federal grants management requirements, such as the Uniform Grant Guidance.

Melissa and Sheara have written numerous publications and present regularly at conferences on federal K-12 education topics.  National organizations often seek their perspectives on federal law and funding matters.  They also have experience representing clients in Single Audit and federal monitoring and audit processes, as well as the U.S. Department of Education’s alternative dispute resolution process, known as CAROI (Cooperative Audit Resolution and Oversight Initiative).

Before starting FEG, Melissa and Sheara served one year as in-house counsel for a state department of education undertaking ambitious education improvements. This year of in-house experience put the practical challenges faced by states, districts, and other education organizations into clear focus, and prompted Melissa and Sheara to start a firm that puts practical concerns at the forefront when providing advice and assistance.  

Prior to their in-house counsel experience, Melissa and Sheara worked together at an education law firm representing numerous K-12 education entities. 

Melissa Junge is admitted to the bars of DC and Maryland. Sheara Krvaric is admitted to the bars of DC and California (inactive in California).