Maximizing Federal Education Grants to Support State and Local Priorities

  • Identifying opportunities to use federal funds to support state and local priorities while minimizing risks
  • Identifying ways to free up funds for educational services by realigning and streamlining administrative processes
  • Advising on ways to blend federal, state, and local funding streams to maximize their impact
  • Drafting guidance and use of funds policies to support spending on state and local priorities

Red Tape Reduction

  • Identifying paperwork, reporting and other administrative functions that can be eliminated or streamlined 
  • Supporting the implementation of sensible processes for complying with federal fiscal rules such as supplement not supplant, maintenance of effort, comparability, and required funding "set-asides"
  • Drafting policies, procedures, and user-friendly forms to reduce burdens that hinder program services in areas such as schoolwide planning, school improvement planning, parental involvement, time and effort, and subrecipient monitoring

Stewardship of Funds

  • Supporting clients in creating or maintaining an appropriate control environment for grants, both federal and non-federal
  • Developing structures to improve planning and communication across the organization
  • Mapping internal processes to determine whether current structures and policies are efficient, properly segregate duties, detect risk, and comply with federal expectations – and developing targeted improvements if necessary
  • Drafting policies, procedures, and user-friendly forms for the operational systems necessary to support academic and program delivery services, such as procurement, inventory management, and financial management

Compliance Counseling

  • Counseling on specific legal requirements and obligations attached to federal education funds 

Administrative Proceedings and Audit Resolution

  • Representing clients in adverse audit situations and administrative actions before the U.S. Department of Education

Trainings and Workshops

  • Leading trainings, workshops, and other professional development opportunities in all of the service areas listed above 

 Relevant Laws and Rules