Federal Education Program Resources

Developing Effective Guidance: A Handbook for State Educational Agencies by CCSSO (written by Junge and Krvaric January 2017)

Guide for ESSA Implementation: State Considerations for Effective Grant Programs by CCSSO (written by Junge and Krvaric November 2016)

Maximizing ESSA Formula Funds for Students: State Readiness Self-Assessment by CCSSO (written by Junge and Krvaric April 2016)

Using Federal Education Formula Funds for School Turnaround Initiatives: Opportunities for State Education Agencies by The Center on School Turnaround at WestEd (written by Junge and Krvaric March 2016)

2nd Email from U.S. Department of Education to Federal Education Group, PLLC about Uniform Grant Guidance; Clarifies that One-Year Grace Period for Procurement Applies to LEAs, and Clarifies Certain Negotiation of Profit Requirements (May 2015)  

Email from U.S. Department of Education to Federal Education Group, PLLC Answering Uniform Grant Guidance Questions (May 2015)

Uniform Grant Guidance and Its Impact on ED Programs Presentation to NAFEPA (March 2015)

Managing the Law in Education: Strategies for Education Leaders and the Organizations That Support Them Paper written by Junge and Krvaric (October 2014)

Using Federal Funds to Support a Comprehensive Initiative Presentation to AEFFA (October 2014)

Summary of Significant Changes in the Uniform Grant Guidance Draft written by Federal Education Group with CCSSO (September 2014)

Title I Funds and Arts Education Article by Junge and Krvaric published in Arts Link Magazine, a publication of Americans for the Arts, www.americansforthearts.org (July 2014)

Summary of the Office of Management and Budget’s Uniform Guidance for Federal Grants and its Impact on Federal Education Programs by CCSSO (written by Junge and Krvaric March 2014)

Maximizing Federal Education Funds for Student Achievement: A Toolkit for States Seeking to Enhance Flexibility and Reduce Burden by CCSSO (written by Junge and Krvaric November 2013)

Reexamining the Schoolwide Program Model: Unlocking its Potential for Students and Federal Clarifications Presentation to AEFFA on ways to maximize the Title I schoolwide model (October 2013)

The Money You Don't Know You Have for School Turnaround: Maximizing the Title I Schoolwide Model by Mass Insight (written by Junge and Krvaric July 2013) 

Core Principles for Managing Title I Effectively Presentation at National Title I conference (January 2013)  

Actually You Can Do That: How to Get to “Go” When the System Says “Stop” Guest lecture at William & Mary (October 2013)

Joint proposal to federal government about reducing administrative burdens to improve K-12 education programs Federal Education Group and Mass Insight Education's School Turnaround Group (April 2012) 

How the Supplement-not-Supplant Requirement Can Work Against the Policy Goals of Title I Paper by Junge and Krvaric (March 2012)

Junge and Krvaric's recommendations for changes to Title I's supplement not supplant requirement embraced jointly by the Center for American Progress and the American Enterprise Institute

Junge and Krvaric guest blog for Ed Week’s “Rick Hess Straight Up” (October 2011). Link to posts:

The Compliance Culture in Education
The Supplement Not Supplant Conundrum 
“Time and Effort” Takes Too Much Time and Effort
Implementation Matters
From Defensive Spending to Effective Spending

 Federal Compliance Rules Can Work Against Education Policy Goals For Education Outlook by Junge and Krvaric (July 2011)